Rena M. Lolar, LCPC, M.Ed.

Outpatient Therapist, Health Affiliates Maine

            Rena M. Lolar (“she/her/hers”) is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor from the Penobscot Nation working in private practice with Health Affiliates Maine.  Over the past twenty years, Rena has been working and teaching in a variety of fields in education and mental health.  Rena has a BA in Psychology, a BA in Women’s Studies an MEd in Counselor Education with a concentration in Mental Health and School Counseling from the University of Maine in Orono.  Rena has previous work in domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, home-based and community therapy, behavioral interventions with preschool age children with  Autism, and teaching and training various subjects in mental health and psychology.  

            Outside of practice, Rena has been a guest lecturer and trainer at the University of Maine, the Bangor Fire Department, the Maine Counseling Association, Health Affiliates Maine, Husson University, Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness, as well as several lunch and learns for the Eastern Maine region of the Maine Counseling Association.  Rena enjoys running, teaching, writing, sports, gardening and volunteering for agencies that support children with disabilities and other underserved populations. 

Rena has been an active member of the Maine Counseling Association and the Eastern Maine regional board since 2010. She first joined as a graduate student and continued her service after becoming a licensed counselor in 2013.  MeCA has provided many opportunities for Rena to grow and develop during her time on the Executive Board.  Rena hopes to continue to provide those opportunities for new and up and coming counselors during her time as president.  Rena is also a strong advocate for counselor wellness and support and will continue to work for counselors in Maine not only through her service with MeCA, but throughout her career.

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