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Maine Counseling Association Awards

Distinguished Counseling Professional &

Service to the Profession of Counseling

Each year, the Maine Counseling Association takes nominations for two awards created in honor of Martin "Marty" Gallant - Distinguished Counseling Professional and John Parkman - Service to the Profession of Counseling.  

 These awards honor Maine Counseling Association members working in a variety of settings across the profession including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, community-based agencies, clinical facilities, and private practice. Counselors considered for the awards are ethical, effective, and diligent advocates for clients or students. They are leaders, mentors, and positive examples of professionalism within the counseling community, with consistent accomplishment throughout their careers. They exemplify integrity, patience, and compassion in their empowering work with students, clients, families, or colleagues. They advance the reputation of our profession by their work and example. Recipients of the "Service to the Profession" award, particularly, have demonstrated a high level of involvement and commitment to our professional organizations.  

To nominate a member for one of these awards, please contact the Maine Counseling Association President, Jessica Greene, or President-Elect Sarah Fucillo, 

Presentations are made at the MeCA Annual Conference

Martin Gallant Distinguished Counseling Professional Award.  Establish in 2016.

2024   Charlotte Durr

2023   Tracey O'Connell & Kim Ketch

2022    Annette Nelligan


2021   Jonathan Henry

2020   Lynwood (Lyn) McHatten & Brenda Frost


2019   Patrice Turner

2018   Ben Millster & Stan Freeman (posthumous)

2017   John Yasenchak & Dale Lolar

2016    Martin Gallant & Bette Ann Buchan

John Parkman Service to the Profession of Counseling Award.

2024   Jeri Stevens

2023   Mark Pinette

2022   Beth Doane

2021   Alexander Katopis

2020   Terry Mitchell & Louise Grant

2019   Bev Homich

2018   Jeri Stevens

2017   Deb Drew & Dean Collins

2016   John Parkman & Bernadette Willette

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