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Descriptions of State Counseling Organizations

Maine Counseling Association - The Maine Counseling Association has been instrumental in setting professional and ethical standards for the counseling profession. MeCA has made strides in accreditation, licensure and national certification. It represents members' interests within the:

  • Maine Association for Specialists in Group Work (MeASGW)
  • Maine Career Development Association (MCDA)
  • Maine Mental Health Counselor Association (MEMHCA)
  • Maine College Admissions Association (MCAA)
  • Maine School Counselor Association (MESCA)

MeCA members work in educational settings from preschool through higher education, in mental health agencies, community organizations, employment agencies, rehabilitation programs and private practice.

Maine Association for Specialists in Group Work - The purpose of the Association shall be to establish standards for professional and ethical practice; to support research and the dissemination of knowledge; and to provide professional leadership in the field of group work. In addition, the Association shall seek to extend counseling through the use of group process; to provide a forum for examining innovative and developing concepts in group work; to foster diversity and dignity in our groups; and to be models of effective group practice.

Maine Career Development Association - provides professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information/career assistance to others, networking opportunities for these same professionals in the field of career development, and advocates for career development issues.

Maine Mental Health Counselor Association - a state-wide organization for professional counselors in clinical practice, representing various mental health disciplines working in independent practice and public and private agencies, hospitals, schools, universities, and businesses. MEMHCA is a Chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors Association and subscribes to the Ethical Standards of Practice adopted by them.

Maine College Admissions Association - an informal organization of professional admissions directors and counselors representing most of Maine's public and private institutions of higher learning. Though competitors for Maine students, the group pools their knowledge and experience to insure the prospective student, their families, guidance personnel, and teachers receive the information necessary to make an educated and confident college choice. Outreach is an important service of MCAA. Outreach programs include:

  • college consortium tours for counselors,
  • college aspiration programs for high schoolers,
  • service academy nights
  • admissions programming for students and parents.

All Maine colleges are members of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and observe the NACAC Principles of Good Practice, the basis for all association policies, provides clear ethical guidelines for high school and college counseling professionals.

Maine School Counselor Association - To foster personal and professional relationships among Maine school counselors, advance the spirit and the academic discipline of school guidance and counseling, promote high standards for school counseling in Maine, assume an active role in helping the people of Maine to understand the nature and importance of school guidance and counseling services, promote and support the professional growth of school counselors, and support state legislation and policy which is in the best interest of school counselors and the students and children of Maine.

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