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Title of Keynote: The Rise of Narcissism in America


Counselors are under prepared to work with Narcissism and the research is limited in this field. However, narcissism is on the rise and counselors need to be prepared to address the most difficult of clients. Join me to learn more about narcissistic, manipulative and controlling behavior and how to identify narcissism and narcissistic abuse in your clients. We will talk about the cultural norms in regard to family systems, communication and generational shifts. Finally, we will review case studies to further demonstrate key tactics counselors might encounter.

Summary of Program 

Google trends indicate a serious increase of search terms such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Narcissist and Gaslighting in the last decade, but most people struggle to find information, treatment and understanding about these issues. Most counselors receive very little training on personality disorders before leaving grad school and rarely follow-up with self driven training opportunities, on Narcissism (if they can find any) when there are so many things to learn within counseling. However, more and more clients are coming into session and self-diagnosing themselves and others in their lives with mental health disorders, including NPD.

This presentation aims to help educate counselors on key factors, terms and new research on Narcissism, the differences between the personality disorder and narcissistic behaviors, gender differences, and how to identify narcissism and narcissistic abuse when it is presented in session.

The presentation will review cultural norms on everything from parenting, work ethic and communication and intergenerational trauma cycles that impact narcissism. Counselors will receive clear examples of tactics used in these situations by perpetrators, and how counselors might hear this described by clients


Learning Objectives

-Learn how to identify Narcissism (Both Narcissistic Behavior and Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

-Review cultural norms in family systems, parenting, communication and generational shifts 

-Learn key tactics used and review case studies

NBCC Category

Human Growth and Development

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